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12/02 - Be sure to catch our next show at the Henrico Theater - Johnny Lee and Lorenzo have reenergized the lineup and it's a whole new big fat Blues sound goin' on and we're excited as heck to be opening for our good friend Cy Taggart. Together with Tim and Tom, Cy puts on a great show and their vocals are legendary. Don't miss what promises to be a great show! Tickets are available below.

12/02 - Yes you're in the right place - This is where to get tickets for Johnny Lee Long Presents: A Holiday Extravaganza! A full day of music and culture at the newly renovated Henrico Theater. For more info - Email Johnny - See the Event Flyer Here

Starting at 2:00 PM - Dances of Culture featuring cast from the Belly Dance School of Richmond

Tickets for Dances of Culture - 2:00 PM 


At 4:30 PM are not one but two of Richmond's Top Blues Bands - Chicago Cy Taggart and Back Alley Hoodoo - “Back Alley Hoodoo” Features Johnny Lee Long and brings old school blues to the stage at its best. “Chicago” Cy Taggart plays new and old school blues with a great flair of guitar riffs and vocals.


Tickets for Blues - 4:30 PM


Finally, at 7:30 PM is According to “Johnny Lee Long” Where he brings jazz from back in the day to the new contemporary. Special guess saxist “Shannice James,” guitarist, the great “Bill Roberts,” with “super drummer” Bryan Stiglich and from the school of “Duke Ellington,” keyboardist Mike Pryor

Tickets for Jazz - 7:30 PM


11/20 - Well you know the old saying when it rains it pours well this weekend we finally return to performing. In the process we have lost one of our members along the way, John Moossa is taking a break from HooDoo for a while and we will miss him during his absence. If he does return we will surely let you know. As with all bad news there is always the bright side and we were able to find a replacement right in Jeff's back yard so come out and see our newest HooDooian Johnny Lee Long.

7/22 - Go get 'em Frank - You may have heard, but here's the proof - Frank was asked by Lil' Dave Thompson to sit in with him during Sunday's show


7/16 - Two new shows this week.

The first at Blues Place in Colonial Heights on Friday the 18th. We take the stage around 7:30 and will be pumping out the blues infused groove until around 11:00. There’s no cover and it’s a breeze to get there. Just Hop on 95 South, take the Temple Ave exit, turn left at the light and when it dead ends at Boulevard, take another left. Blues Place is on your right, down about 200 yards. Look for the big sign and the red awnings. It’s got a great feel and Mike and his staff really hustle to get you the ice cold beverages that go oh so well with live Blues. And while we’re on the subject of service, the food is fantastic.

The second show on Sunday the 20th at one of our favorite venues Capital Ale House downtown where Back Alley HooDoo and our buddies Pure And Sinful open for Lil' Dave Thompson! The doors open at 2:00, Hoodoo takes the stage at 3:00, Pure and Sinful go on around 4:30 and Lil Dave takes the stage at 6:00. That’s a whole big gumbo pot full of Blues for not much scratch, and all proceeds benefit the Blues Society.

We hope to see you at these shows.

06/14 - WOW! What a night it was last night. Forrest Mc Donald sat in during the second set and rocked the house. If you missed it you can catch Forrest at the Brews and Blues on 9/19/08 or come on down to Colonial Heights and visit Blues Place for a night of the blues with none other than Back Alley HooDoo on 7/18/08 at 7:00. 

06/11 - Yet another Brews And Blues show this Friday 6/13 At 5:00 PM. It's Downtown at the Capital Ale Music Hall on Main St. Between 6th and 7th. Free Parking, Free Admission.

04/22 - Time to start clearing your calendars kids - Hoodoo is starting to step out and put a more public face on the new line-up and new material. We'll be at Blue's Place in Colonial Heights next Friday May 2nd. We're back at Capital Ale on June 13th and will be adding many more dates as we finalize the various deals that are in the works. It looks to be a great season coming up with lots of opportunities to discover the mojo that Hoodoo brings.

03/21 - Tonight's The Night!!! The New Hoodoo takes the stage at the Capital Ale Music Hall for Brews and Blues at 5:00 PM. We want to see you there!

02/20 - A Brand New Hoodoo is coming soon! - As you may have heard, work and schedule conflicts caused Back Alley Hoodoo to lose two of our original members. After saying good bye to Gordon and Scott, we could have done a lot of things, but what we chose to do was get out and talk to folks until we found the right kind of mojo magic. Well the search is over and we are once more five. 

First into the fold was noted local musician John Moossa. John has produced three CD’s, and is hard at work on the fourth (Route 17) with the band that bears his name - Moossa. In addition to being one swinging cool cat with a tremendous arsenal of guitar chops and pipes like you won’t believe, John has started Musicians For Mitochondrial Awareness and is producing a fund-raiser at Capital Ale House on April 19th for UMDF. For more info, talk to John or visit his MySpace Page. We’ll all be there and want to see you there too!

We’ve been quite literally spoiled by Scott Faulkner’s Keyboards so the last piece was the most difficult. We are pleased as we can possibly be to say we finally found the right guy – Frank Brewer is a member of the local music scene and 40+ year veteran of the gig wars both here and in the Hampton Roads area.

So plan now to be at Capital Ale on the 21st and witness the rebirth of Back Alley Hoodoo. While you’re there, be sure to stop by and see our friends from the River City Blues Society, and pick up one of the new RCBS T-Shirts, or better yet, join the society and get one for free! We're hoping to see everyone come by the downtown Capital Ale House and join us Friday March 21st at 5:00 for Richmond’s best selection of fine craft beers, incredible food, excellent service, and live Blues.

12/04 - Hooray for Amazon!!! But first, a few words about Digital Rights Management. DRM is the quite possibly the spawn of the devil himself. Okay, maybe it's not quite that evil, but it is most definitely the wrong approach to take when it comes to "protecting" music revenue for artists. As musicians and composers, we wholeheartedly endorse and support compensating artists fairly for their works. But a system that is almost guaranteed to result in the eventual inability to play or otherwise enjoy music or media that was legally acquired, through no fault of the user, is just plain asinine.

We're willing to bet large chunks of legal tender that there's not many of you that haven't had a drive crash or other system problem that resulted in partial or total loss of files. And is there a way to re-download the media you purchased? Not from the vast majority of online music sellers there's not, at least not unless you purchase it again. And what if you upgrade your system and don't back up the license certificates? Even though the reseller shows you purchased the rights, there's no mechanism to replace the license, and without it - having the media file does you no good at all.

That's why we're extremely glad to report that Amazon is now selling non-DRM protected MP3's. The gift that keeps on giving, music guaranteed to make life worth living, is now available from Amazon in the form of high bit rate (most are 256 Kbps VBR) MP3s that you can play, burn, and move from system to system to your heart's content. Here are some recommendations from the heart of Hoodooland!


11/03 - Billboard Time Again - Hoodoo will be gracing the southern facing side of the Lamar electronic billboard on 95 by the Bell's Road exit. You'll see it on the left as you travel north on 95, just before you get to Phillip Morris.

11/01 - Time for Barbecue and Blues - Hoodoo will be at the new Grandpa Eddie's at 11129 Three Chopt Road on November 9th! We take the stage at 9:00 PM. No cover, great beer, great room, lip-smackin' ribs and barbecue combine to make an evening worth experiencing. Don't miss it!

10/24 - Friday night we'll see you all at Capital Ale for Brews and Blues - We take the stage at 5:00. No cover, great beer, great room, what's not to like?

9/27 - Tomorrow night we'll see you all at Bleu Bistro for Eagle Flies on Friday - We take the stage at 9:00 and we expect to have a packed house so you may want to get there early.

9/09 - A quick update to remind everyone about today's show at Capital Ale House - Watermelon Slim and the Workers take the stage at 6:00 - Don't miss this great show brought to us by the River City Blues Society!

Oh yes, and one other thing - Go Team 48! Jimmie kicked butt last night at RIR - If you were there you saw a great race. Stay tuned race fans - by the time they hit Homestead it'll be all over but the crying.

9/06 - Y'all loved it so we're doing it again! Starting tomorrow we'll be on the billboard at Commerce Road in front of Phillip Morris! We'll be on the north side of the sign, so all you southbound travelers will get to see our ugly mugs on your way to work. 14 Feet tall and 48 feet wide!

8/31 - It's Friday, and that means it's time to get out and see some live music. In our minds, there's no better place than Capital Ale House for Friday Brews and Blues! Time to loosen up the ties, put on your favorite boogie shoes, and quaff a few cold ones at the Music Hall. Tonight is the Chicago Cy CD release party and that means it's your opportunity to get an autographed copy of the new CD. Come on down and join us as we all groove to Cy's tunes, and while you're there, be sure to stop an visit our friend Sam Giles from 96.5 The Planet, and pick up a new RCBS T-Shirt.

Special Note: RCBS is bringing Watermelon Slim to Richmond! In a special Sunday evening show at the Cap Ale Music Hall from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, Watermelon Slim and the Workers  will take the stage and treat us to some great Blues. Slim, who learned to play slide guitar while recuperating in a hospital in Viet Nam using a 5 dollar Vietnamese guitar with a Zippo for a slide, is a true original. Tickets are a mere $10, and trust us on this, you will hate yourself if you miss this show. See the Flyer!

8/28 - Our friends at Musician's Friend are having an insane end-of-summer sale! Here's your chance to stock up on all that cool gear you've been wanting, without having to pony up much scratch. Savings up to 85% off! How's about that for a cool deal?

  End Of Summer Sale at Musician's Friend

8/25 - To everyone that showed up and helped us deliver another Standing Room Only crowd - Thank You! Last night was a blast, and it was all because of you, our loyal Hoodoo Crew. So give yourselves a big "attaboy" especially those of you who were barking and howling! It was a hoot, and Cap Ale is absolutely ecstatic over how well the night went. Our appearance at the Capital Ale House Music Hall is October 26th - 5:00 to 8:00 PM. No cover and you know we're not gonna leave anything on the table. See you there Blues Fans!


7/30 - So you saw the Billboards, did you? We're glad you dropped in, and hope you take a few minutes to explore. While you're at it, why not Get the Newsletter.. Or maybe outfit yourself with some blues signifyin', mojo incitin' Hoodoo Swag? Our next public appearance is August 24th at the Capital Ale House Music Hall - 5:00 to 8:00 PM. No cover and we've got some great new material... What's not to like? See you there Blues Fans!

Just in case any of you were wondering - the "Back Alley" where this was shot was in fact the back alley of the Capital Ale House downtown location. Our thanks to Matt for letting us do it, and to our friend Lee Barden for being such a talented photographer!

7/21 - Whew, what a night! Jeff did double duty, sitting in with Pure and Sinful, and then helping back up Briefcase Blues. The house was cookin! It was a great show, and we all had a great time!.

7/17 - Has it really been almost a month since we updated things? Needless to say, we've been busy. The Capital Ale House Music Hall opened its doors and is living up to the hype. Still working out some bugs with the sound system, but it's a great venue. We hope to see you there this Friday for Mo DeBree.

We'll take the stage there on August 24th, which should give us just enough time to finish polishing up the new material, and throwing some twists on some old favorites.

Between now and then, be sure to join us at Cap Ale on August 3rd when Rylo opens for our friend Eli Cook. You're not going to find a better double bill than that, unless of course you come out this Saturday the 21st when our buds Pure and Sinful open for Briefcase Blues. Rumor has it Jake and Elwood will make a guest appearance with Mo DeBree, so don't miss this Friday's Brews and Blues!

6/21 - The Capital Ale House Music Hall opening is tentatively on track. We hope to see you there tomorrow, the 22nd to support our friends the River City Blues Society. If we hear any news regarding delays - we'll post it immediately.

Postscript from Jeff - Anyone who didn't make it to see Feat last night missed one hell of a show!!! Little Feat is the best Jam band on the planet - bar none!

6/14 - It's now official - The Capital Ale House Music Hall opening will be delayed by one week. So we'll see you there next Friday, the 22nd to support our friends the River City Blues Society and cheer on John Howe and Blues Flash. Don't forget that later that night we'll be heading to the Bleu Bistro for the Eagle Flies on Friday featuring another good friend, The Cy Taggart Band.

6/13 - We're cautiously optimistic that the Capital Ale House Music Hall will open on schedule. Assuming it does, be sure to make pans to come by as we debut Jack's latest composition "Whiskey and Water" already slated to be the lead track on our upcoming CD. If everything comes together as planned, we'll see you all there at 5:00 this Friday, June 15th for the inaugural "Brews and Blues."

5/19 - Xstatix After Hours Show videos are now available for download - Hop on over the the "Listen To Hoodoo" page. Right-click the link and choose "Save Target As"

5/18 - Just in case you missed last night's web cast on the Xstatix After Hours Show - Check out some of the clips

Nine Below Zero     *     The "Interview"

Must Be Jelly     *     Hoodoo Man

5/10 - A little shameless plug for some side projects. Jeff's been helping out some cats at work with a quasi-company band thing - Check out some of the videos

Could You Be Loved     *     Ya Gotta Serve Somebody

3/27 - Today we booked the Spirit of Art Gallery in Montpelier for their summer concert series. Details are on the schedule page, but plan now to attend. And you can bring the family! Lawn chairs are encouraged; so come out May 12th and relax as we usher in an evening of Blues.

3/25 - Just back from an incredible weekend, starting with The Eagle Flies on Friday at Bleu Bistro. Johnnie and The Lowdowns were great, and in a true win-win situation, even made it down to Rock Falls to catch Eli Cook. Sunday found us at Shenanigans for The Nighthawks where Mark and the boys put on a great show. If you haven't seen them lately, you need to think about hitting Wolftrap on April 5th.

2/13 - Finally a shameless plug for our commercial ventures. We're really not about the money (and the number of benefits and other free shows we do is proof of that) but you can help defray some of our costs by using our links to buy things you'd buy anyway. So next time you need gear, or are heading to Amazon, consider stopping here first and use our links to get there.

Thanks a lot - we appreciate it.

2/11 - We thought you'd like to see the art that will be gracing the tables at the Bleu Bistro starting next week (click to see full size image)

In case you haven't decided whether or not to come, we'll be recording the show in it's entirety, so come on out and make some noise!


11/1 - As featured in our recent Newsletter - The 1986 Blues classic - Crossroads (and a few others we recommend)


10/30 - Some of Jack's songs are featured on the Back Alley Blues BlogSpot - The article appeared on the 8th, but we just noticed it so it gets today's date

Today's notable quote comes from James Offie during the Meeks benefit. "Whenever possible get as many Fralin's as you can on stage."

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