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You may have been hearing rumors of some changes in Hoodooland, we can finally confirm they are true. In a little over a month, the new Hoodoo lineup will take the stage for the best weekly Blues event in Richmond:


Brews and Blues at Capital Ale House Music Hall!




Back Alley Hoodoo (That’s us) returns to Brews and Blues on March 21st. That is five Fridays from today. We are so certain you aren’t going to want to miss the debut of the new crew that we wanted to give all our friends plenty of notice. Before we introduce you to the new members, we want to tell you about some other upcoming shows.


This Friday (the 22nd) marks the return of Bluz Catz and the introduction of the newest must have RCBS swag – zip up bottle coozies! What better way to keep your beverage safe than to encase it in the coolest wrapper in Richmond – complete with the RCBS logo and a reminder of where everything Blues can be found –! They are a mere $5.00 each (or 5 for $20.00) so be sure to pick up plenty. We expect to see at least a couple at every table.


Next Friday (the 29th) you need to leave work early and plan to stay out late. And just why would you want to do that? Well to see a one-two knockout punch of Blues bliss that’s why. Our favorite dirty jump blues hepcats RYLO are back from the International Blues Challenge in Memphis where Al, Chris, Gordon, Gabe and Pete played their asses off and did us proud. They take the stage at 5:00, followed by Steady Rolling Bob Margolin around 9:30! Tix for Bob are $10 and will go fast, so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll buy yours in advance. Last time he was here Bob, together with Matt Walsh and Big Joe Maher, gave us a show to remember and this one promises to be even better. Speaking of Matt – He’s bringing his band to Cap Ale on March 7th – Be there!


Downtown Music

Bob Margolin - Matt Walsh – Big Joe Maher



Our buds RYLO kick ass!


March 28th The Nighthawks return to Capital Ale for another incredible show. Mark Wenner, together with Pete Ragusa, Paul Bell and Johnny Castle are our idea of the perfect band. Great attitude, incredible talent, and an overall cool that has to be seen to be believed. We love seeing these guys, and if you are one of the rare few that has yet to see the Hawks, do yourself a favor and make this show. Headlining the early show (Brews and Blues) is local talent Forrest McDonald.

The New Hoodoo Crew


And what about these new members of the Hoodoo Crew? Okay already! As you may have heard, work and schedule conflicts caused Back Alley Hoodoo to lose two of our original members. After saying good bye to Gordon and Scott, we could have done a lot of things, but what we chose to do was get out and talk to folks until we found the right kind of mojo magic. Well the search is over and we are once more five.


First into the fold was noted local musician John Moossa. John has produced three CD’s, and is hard at work on the fourth (Route 17) with the band that bears his name - Moossa. In addition to being one swinging cool cat with a tremendous arsenal of guitar chops and pipes like you won’t believe, John has started Musicians For Mitochondrial Awareness and is producing a fund-raiser at Capital Ale House on April 19th for UMDF. For more info, talk to John or visit his MySpace Page. We’ll all be there and want to see you there too!


We’ve been quite literally spoiled by Scott Faulkner’s Keyboards so the last piece was the most difficult. We are pleased as we can possibly be to say we finally found the right guy – Frank Brewer is a member of the local music scene and 40+ year veteran of the gig wars both here and in the Hampton Roads area.


So plan now to be at Capital Ale on the 21st and witness the rebirth of Back Alley Hoodoo. While you’re there, be sure to stop by and see our friends from the River City Blues Society, and pick up one of the new RCBS T-Shirts, or better yet, join the society and get one for free! We're hoping to see everyone come by the downtown Capital Ale House and join us Friday March 21st at 5:00 for Richmond’s best selection of fine craft beers, incredible food, excellent service, and live Blues.


Little Walter Tribute Tour




Before we roll out of here we need to tell you about a killer show coming up on Wednesday March 19th at The Bleu Bistro. Dennis Greunling is one smoking hot harp player. His latest CD, “I Just Keep Loving Him” is a tribute to 2008 inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Little Walter. RCBS is partnering with JAMInc to bring Dennis to Richmond as part of the CD Release Tour celebrating 2008 as the “Year of Little Walter”. And just who is this Gruenling cat? Well how about the guy named “Best Modern Blues Harmonica Player” 3 years in a row by Real Blues Magazine. Blues Review Magazine labels him “a leading light among the new generation of harp players”, and we gotta tell you, this dog can howl! The show starts around 7:00 PM and tix are $10 in advance, $15 Day of Show, available soon at Plan 9 Records or from the RCBS table at Brews and Blues each Friday. We expect to see a standing room only crowd so get there early if you want a seat.

Upcoming Shows


There are more shows than we have time and space to list, but here are some of the ones we’re most excited about.


Saturday February 23rd – Mo DeBree 9th Anniversary @ Shenanigans

Wednesday February 27th – Roomful of Blues @ J.M. Randall’s

Friday March 7th – Cat Daddy followed by Matt Walsh @ Capital Ale

Sunday March 16th - Lil Ronnie and the Grand Dukes @ Shenanigans

Friday March 28th – Forrest McDonald followed by The Nighthawks @ Capital Ale

Sunday June 8th – RCBS Blues Challenge – w/Robin Rogers

Sunday July 20th – Lil’ Dave Thompson @ Capital Ale

Sunday August 10th – Debbie Davies – Location TBA

Stay In Touch!


A special note to let you know that the best way to stay plugged in to all that news in Richmond Blues is to swing by the RCBS Google Group and join today! 


Blues Bits


It seems like everyone loves this part of the newsletter. We aim to please, so here’s some more humor to help keep yer Blues on:


From Rick – If you have to have a day job, remember that some are better than others…



 24 Rules for Blues

1.     Most Blues begin, "Woke up this morning..."


2.    "I got a good woman" is a bad way to begin the Blues, unless you stick something nasty in the next line like, "I got a good woman, with the meanest face in town."


3.    The Blues is simple. After you get the first line right, repeat it. Then find something that rhymes... sort of: "Got a good woman with the meanest face in town. Yes, I got a good woman with the meanest face in town. Got teeth like Margaret Thatcher, and she weigh 500 pound."


4.    The Blues is not about choice. You stuck in a ditch, you stuck in a ditch--ain't no way out.


5.    Blues cars: Chevys, Fords, Cadillacs and broken-down trucks. Blues don't travel in Volvos, BMWs, or Sport Utility Vehicles. Most Blues transportation is a Greyhound bus or a southbound train. Jet aircraft and company motor pools ain't even in the running. Walkin' plays a major part in the blues lifestyle. So does fixin' to die.


6.    Teenagers can't sing the Blues. They ain't fixin' to die yet. Adults sing the Blues. In Blues, "adulthood" means being old enough to get the electric chair if you shoot a man in Memphis.


7.    Blues can take place in New York City but not in Hawaii or any place in Canada. Hard times in Minneapolis or Seattle is probably just clinical depression. Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City are still the best places to have the Blues. You cannot have the blues in any place that don't get rain.


8.    A man with male pattern baldness ain't the blues. A woman with male pattern baldness is. Breaking your leg cause you were skiing is not the blues. Breaking your leg 'cause a alligator be chompin' on it is.


9.    You can't have no Blues in a office or a shopping mall. The lighting is wrong. Go outside to the parking lot or sit by the dumpster.


10. Good places for the Blues:

a. Highway

b. Jailhouse

c. An empty bed

d. Bottom of a whiskey glass


11.  Bad places for the Blues:

a. Nordstrom's

b. Gallery openings

c. Ivy league institutions

d. Golf courses


12. No one will believe it's the Blues if you wear a suit, 'less you happen to be a old ethnic person, and you slept in it.


13. You have the right to sing the Blues if:

a. You older than dirt

b. You blind

c. You shot a man in Memphis

d. You can't be satisfied


14. You don't have the right to sing the Blues if:

a. You have all your teeth

b. You were once blind but now can see

c. The man in Memphis lived

d. You have a pension fund


15. Blues is not a matter of color. It's a matter of bad luck. Tiger Woods cannot sing the blues. Sonny Liston could. Ugly white people also got a leg up on the blues.


16. If you ask for water and your darlin' give you gasoline, it's the Blues


17. Other acceptable Blues beverages are:

a. Cheap wine

b. Whiskey or bourbon

c. Muddy water

d. Nasty black coffee


18. The following are NOT Blues beverages:

a. Perrier

b. Chardonnay

c. Snapple

d. Slim Fast


19. If death occurs in a cheap motel or a shotgun shack, it's a Blues death. Stabbed in the back by a jealous lover is another Blues way to die. So is the electric chair, substance abuse and dying lonely on a broke-down cot. You can't have a Blues death if you die during a tennis match or while getting liposuction.


20.Some Blues names for women:

a. Sadie

b. Big Mama

c. Bessie

d. Fat River Dumpling


21. Some Blues names for men:

a. Joe

b. Willie

c. Little Willie

d. Big Willie


22.Persons with names like Michelle, Amber, Debbie, and Heather can't sing the Blues no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.


23.Make your own Blues name Starter Kit:

a.    name of physical infirmity (Blind, Cripple, Lame, etc.)

b.    first name (see above) plus name of fruit (Lemon, Lime, Melon, Kiwi, etc.)

c.    last name of President (Jefferson, Johnson, Fillmore, etc.)

For example: Blind Lime Jefferson, Jackleg Lemon Johnson or Cripple Kiwi Fillmore, etc. (Well, maybe not "Kiwi.")


24.I don't care how tragic your life: if you own even one computer, you cannot sing the blues.


That's pretty much a wrap kids, keep on listening and we'll keep on playing. Be sure to let your friends know what's shaking, and encourage them to sign up for the newsletter. Ad free and we don't sell or share email addresses.


Get your Blues on!




The Hoodoo News Crew 


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