Back Alley Hoodoo is a fusion of kindred spirits, united by their love of the Blues.
2005 saw a series of collaborations by some good souls with great talent, but none seemed to really click. In the Spring of 2006, today's lineup came together to cut loose and jam in an anonymous garage, and the magic began to happen. At that moment, the band that was to become Back Alley Hoodoo was born.
Three months later, Hoodoo made their Richmond debut at the RCBS Blues Challenge, where we didn't win, but we didn't suck either, so here we are, still playing, and still in love with the Blues.
Hoodoo is focused on bringing a natural sound and old school style to Richmond's Blues scene. Delta, Texas, Chicago, and even West Coast Jump all played roles in the formative years of Hoodoo's members, and today they bring it all home with a vengeance.
We're not the next Stevie Ray or Junior Wells, we're Back Alley Hoodoo and we're ready to serve you up a taste of Blues played our way. So grab your friends and come on out for a show. Together we'll have a fine time and leave you with your attitude "adjusted."


Jeff Hansen, like many, was raised on Rock and Roll, and dreamed of Garage Band stardom... At least until he discovered the Blues!
Along the way he exceeded his dreams regularly, although perhaps not always outside the confines of his always fertile imagination. From classic rock to country , from the drum line to the back line, he brings a solid groove backed by years of international touring experience to the Hoodoo Mojo.
Influences include Joe Morello, Bobby Colomby, Clyde Stubblefield, Richie Hayward, Bernard Purdie, David Garibaldi and Rob Fried. He plays a Stubblefield custom kit with an amazing variety of sticks, rakes, rods, brushes and mallets.
"C'mon guys - Let's shuffle."


Rick Rae hates bios. In his own words "I want to be a real bass player someday. In the mean time, I'm having fun pretending."

Another multi-instrumentalist, Rick is a sweet and genuinely weird guy. Guaranteed to lay an amazing riff down right when you least expect it, he delivers a solid bottom to the mix and redefines what a Blues bassist should be.

"When I was in Sound Rotation..."



Jack Mace just plain loves music. His first love was Rock and Roll, from the rockabilly 50's, through metal, punk, hair bands . Along the way he discovered Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, and lucky for us, Blues.

He believes you can draw on all of them for inspiration, but when you want to really feel the music, Blues brings it all home. There is just something there that when you call, answers back.
He plays a highly modified Strat as his weapon of choice (trust us, you don't even want to know what lurks under that shiny pickguard). He has recently started making us refer to him as LoveMonkey but we're (almost) certain this most recent phase will pass.
While Jack idolizes all the standard guitar Gods like Hendrix, Skydog, and Clapton, he has a special place in his heart for Peter Green, a choice we all applaud. As well we should for he is truly a genius. Together we all rue the day Fleetwood Mac abandoned their blues roots and became just another pop band.
"Blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits".

Frank Brewer started playing piano at age 5 and hated taking lessons and practice while other kids were out playing. "This lasted for 3 years and then I broke free.  At 16 took up the guitar and played with several bands in Florida and then later after the Army in Virginia Beach.  Started back playing the keys after purchasing a Hammond C-3 and Leslie.  Nothing touches the sound of a tubed Leslie.  After 40 plus years playing in various groups, and working, I have retired and doing what I enjoy, Playing The Blues".
"You can beat an egg, you can beat your wife, you can beat your meat, but you can't beat the blues".

John Moossa  brings a whole new dimension to the HooDoo sound both vocally and with the addition of his acoustic guitar to the mix.  



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